Sigg – Tritan Water Bottle

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The Sigg Total Colour Water Bottle comes in a range of five trendy colours in a sporty design and with a high quality SIGG logo embossing. Whether for sports or on the way to work, the practical size ensures that you always have enough water to drink. Thanks to the innovative ONE-hand top with the extra-large WMB opening, it�s extremely comfortable to use: Carry, open, drink, close and seal conveniently with one hand � plus filling and cleaning the bottle is child�s play. It�s made of lightweight, durable Tritan that�s taste and odour-neutral. Naturally free of harmful chemicals, such as estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates � for a safer drinking experience. Capacity: 1L.

  • SPORTY & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Thanks to the innovative ONE cap with an extra-wide opening, drinking water is made into a one-hand experience: carry, open, drink, close, and repeat. Enjoy easy cleaning, since it goes into the dishwasher.
  • LEAKPROOF WATER BOTTLE: Fear a spill in your bag no more. This sports water bottle is fully spillproof, even if held upside down with carbonated beverages. Makes the ideal SIGG bottle to bring to practice, or to school.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PREMIUM MATERIAL: Crafted from Tritan, this glass-like plastic water bottle is unbreakable, scratch-resistant, and known for its featherweight properties. Keep your water level in check at all times!
  • SAFE DRINKING: All materials used to design SIGG water bottles are free of harmful pollutants, such as oestrogenic substances and phthalates. Enjoy every sip out of this BPA free water bottle, ensuring a neutral smell and taste.


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