PROIRON Dumbbell Bar

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PROIRON 14 Inch Chrome Spinlock Dumbbell Handles

With solid steel construction and secure star-lock collars, PROIRON 14 inch Chrome Dumbbell handles make a great addition to any weight training workout.

PROIRON spinlock bars come with 4 pieces metal collars to hold weights tightly. It holds standard plates with 1-inch holes. Each side screw thread length is 107mm. The thickness of spinlock is 20mm. So there is 87mm length for weight plates.

No worry about loose and rattling with unique rubber O-ring anti-loose design. And the solid construction and metal spinlock collar is durable.

All of the materials are strictly selected, free of phthalate and lead etc harm contents to human body. PROIRON ensures you to exercise healthily.

  • 14 inch/35cm chrome dumbbell handles for all standard plates (1”/25mm), perfect for adjustable dumbbell set.
  • Dumbbell bar and spinlock collars have rubber inserts to ensure the weights are anti-slip.
  • Ergonomics arc handle grip makes your hands more comfortable.
  • Perfect knurled handle grip makes it is easy and comfortable to grip.
  • Chrome solid construction and metal spinlock collar.


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