PhysKcal Hex Dumbbells Set

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NO SMELL COATING Wrapped in poly rubber material of NBR and PVC mixture, there is extremely low ordour.


  • 【NO STINK COATING】 Let’s say no to eye-watering smell or linger-on-hands odours of traditional rubber dumbbells! Wrapped in a 8-mm thick poly coating of NBR and PVC over-molded injection mixture, these hex dumbbells are extremely low-odour and slightly harder compared to traditional bells.
  • 【NO-ROLL SHAPE】 The hexagonal shape prevents the training aid from rolling and opens a world of possibilities for exercises using the dumbbells set as handles such as renegade rows, dumbbell clean and jerk, burpees over dumbbells, etc. The flat edge of the shape also makes it easier to store.
  • 【BUILT TO LAST】 These poly hex dumbbells feature a high grade steel and solid cast-iron core for an even weight distribution, longevity and durability, and the proprietary head to handle construction ensures the head does not come loose. Besides, the 8-mm thick coating protects home and gym floors from impact damage during use, and keeps your training quiet by absorbing the shock.
  • 【CONTOURED KNURLED GRIP】 The chrome-plated handles are ergonomically designed, and knurled for a firm and secure grip. There are no logos or branding on these dumbbells but only weight indications are embossed on both sides of each head.


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