Haipky Dumbbell Adjustable Weights Set

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This Haipky dumbbell has a novel style and can be adjusted in weight, from 1kg to 10kg, to meet the needs of different stages, not only saving money but also saving you a lot of time and space. It is a great gift for Ms.

  • 1. Adjustable Dumbbell Weight: A single dumbbell can be adjusted from 1kg to 5kg by increasing or decreasing the weight blocks, the set can be adjusted from 2kg to 10kg.
  • 2. Weight set: A single dumbbell without weight blocks weighs about 1 kg. There are total 4 pieces of big blocks and 32 pieces of small weight blocks in the package, each dumbbell can be adjusted from 1-5 kg. We recommend adding the same weight evenly to both sides.
  • 3. Save Much Money: Buying one set is equivalent to buying multiple sets of non-adjustable weight ones, saving a lot of money.


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